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Things Every Amateur Gardener Should Have

Jul 31, 2015


So your thumbs are growing a darker shade of green and it is time to officially take on the mantel of amateur gardener. You need to make sure you are prepared to take on this responsibility and understand there are few things that make up the “costume” that one wears when they call themselves a gardener.

If you have a full-fledged garden space in your backyard, or a few potted plants and tomato plant on the balcony of your apartment, these are things every amateur gardener should have.

A Backyard Tool Box

gardening-planterThis is more than just a little area in your shed that you keep a small hand shovel. While, yes, having the hand shovel is important, there are few other things that you should be mindful of.

Trowels for digging, and cultivators for breaking up the soil are definitely a must to pull up the nutrients in compacted soil so that your plants can grow properly. And because gripping tools can sometimes create pain in your hands, having compression cloves can reduce the stress in your hands while you work. We suggest possibly taking a visit up to a home improvement store or talking with one of us at Plantz to figure out what kind of tools fits your work best.

You will want to find something that reduces stress on your back if you are digging holes to plant larger plants, so trying out some tools is always a good idea. And do not forget pruning shears and clippers, or battery-powered hedgers. They really make the difference when trying to frame your ideal garden.

A Vision

As seen in previous blogs, if you are actually into gardening like we think you are then perhaps it is time to advance the difficulty a bit. Understanding the limits of your skill runs both ways.

Knowing something at the beginner level and trying to be a little more advantageous is not a bad thing. It is the next step towards evolving your backyard into something special. Whether you want focus on subsistence and produce vegetables for your friends and family at a small scale, or demonstrate a beautiful landscape of colorful flowers and plants then you have to know what your vision is.

There is nothing wrong with envisioning a small planter inside the home either, so do not feel obligated to force creativity if you are not ready.


We are serious. You need to have the right weapons to combat the pests that want to feed and destroy your hard work. This can range from the pesticides and sprays that go hand in hand with the fertilizer you use which is really convenient. Though, we suggest you maintain the area around the garden because that acts as a preventative for bugs to form.

If you do not mow around the garden bugs are more likely to be hiding in the tall grass, which will eventually make their way to your garden. Sometimes small critters, (armadillos especially in Florida) will tear up the soil in the garden space. It would not be a terrible idea to invest in some mesh or wood fencing to act a barricade to protect your crop.

Lastly, and probably the most important, is to become familiar with your local garden and landscape experts. Plantz, not only can help you achieve your dreams of a wonderful garden by helping you start in a good way, but we can also provide some great advice in  landscape maintenance. Feel free to give us a call at 866-752-6899.

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