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Top 3 Plants to Rent for Your Event

Jul 13, 2015


The last thing any future bride wants is to be walking down the aisle and see a fake plant. After all, this day is supposed to be an organic expression of love and prosperity, so should the scenery.

Surely, you are hoping to avoid a Bridezilla sighting. Let’s face it; it is not like the groom gets any say in what decorative floral arrangement appears on the dinner tables at the reception anyway.

So here’s our Top 3 Plants the bride will love (but would work for any event, just don’t tell her…)


chrysanthemum-blogWeddings are about love right? Well, what makes this a perfect event plant, especially for a wedding, is the fact that there is a little legend that goes in to each flower. It blooms in various forms, and looks much like daisies. It is said that flowers symbolize meanings of fidelity, optimism, joy, and long prosperous life. All things that are extremely important.

The Chrysanthemum blooms in a wide array of colors which also have specific meanings. A red flower conveys pure love, the white flower symbolizes truth and loyalty in the relationship, and the yellow flower means selfless love. Who needs wedding vows when you can decorate your ceremony with these flowers and let them speak for you?

Peace Lillies

Give peace a chance. Really, has there ever been a family event where there has not been at least a little bit of drama? I bet if you think back there was not a Peace Lilly sitting on the table in between you and your younger sibling you just threw a half-eaten hamburger at.

It has beautiful white flowers that contrast its green leaves, and does really well in low light indoor venues. It can even absorb the air pollutants Grandpa is releasing into the arm chair after an afternoon of baked beans devouring.

In addition to how easy it is to take care of, it is even easier to rent this event plant, considering once your family reunion is over and your relatives leave, so can the Peace Lilly.


ranunculus-blogThese special event plants are a departure from the classic rose arrangements that are so overused and ultimately, expensive. The best part of the Ranunculus is that you get the similar shapes and colors of the rose, just without the steep price.

It is a great alternative for a bouquet or a boutonniere, and adds a bit of whimsy with its interesting colors like yellow, orange, and pink. But because their stems produce fern-like leaves they also look amazing potted as the centerpiece on a table.

These are perfect as event plants because their bulbs add a flash of color when added to other arrangements of green foliage. When sparing no expense is an expense you can’t spare, the Ranunculus should be considered. And besides, you know for a fact that the bride does not want to imitate something she has seen over and over again, mix it up a little and break from tradition.

Contact us today if you are planning a wedding, party, seminar, or any other type of event, and we will help you create just the right atmosphere you are looking for.

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