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Top 5 Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

Sep 8, 2016

Are you considering adding indoor plants to your home or office? Here are the top five reasons why you should take advantage of indoor greenery:

  1. They keep indoor air fresh. – NASA conducted a study, called the “Clean Air Study,” to determine which indoor plants help keep the air clean by removing airborne toxins. The research proved that the Bamboo Palm, Janet Craig, and Marginata were among the top ranking plants for cleansing the air. These plants are known to remove VOCs (volatile organic compounds) such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, benzene, and xylene.Health Benefits of Indoor Plants
  2. They help us breathe a little easier. – In school, we all learned that plants “breathe” the opposite way that we do – they take in carbon dioxide and create oxygen. This makes them a great way to naturally boost oxygen levels in your home. The Sansevieria, or “Mother-In-Law’s Tongue,” is actually one of the few plants that releases oxygen at night, making it a great addition to a bedroom.
  3. Indoor plants can help you sleep better. – Studies have proven that some indoor plants can lead to a better night’s sleep when placed near your bed. The smell of these plants helps relieve the stresses of the day and creates a more tranquil state.
  4. They can help improve your mental health. – Plants have been proven to help boost positivity levels and help us relax. Studies have actually shown that hospital patients who have plants or flowers in their rooms have a quicker recovery than those with no plants around them.
  5. Indoor plants can lower your stress levels. – Want to be calmer and more productive? Keep plants in your home or office! They have been proven to reduce stress levels, fatigue, and even enhance productivity. Plants such as the bamboo palm and weeping fig are especially good for this task.

For more information on how to get plants for your home or office, contact the plant experts at PLANTZ today!


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