Top 5 Odd-ball Plants For Your Office


Dressing up for work is often a conformist piece of expression. After all, working as a unit and committing to uniformity and efficiency is something most companies aim to do.

But, what if you are not suit and tie type? What if under those pant legs hides one striped sock and one argyle sock? Granted, casual Fridays do come around once a week, but what about the other four days How can one possibly express themselves in a work environment?

Well, here are the Top 5 odd-ball office plants that will certainly match your out-of-the-box wacky self.


Spider Plant

Chlorophytum comosum, when hanging from the ceiling, these weird office plants can look as if its leaves are spider legs flowing from its pot. That is where its nickname comes from.

The Spider Plant has an interesting variation of light and dark green colors that cascade down its leaves, though they will brown if it gets too much direct sunlight. Perhaps when Halloween rolls around, a sickly Spider Plant would make a perfect decoration.


Keeping with the animal theme of odd-ball plants, the Sansevieria, also known as the Snake Plant, would be fitting for any office worker that would like to change it up from the boring desk bamboo.

It gets its name from the shape of its leaves that resemble the curvature of snakes moving. The coloration of its leaves being hues of green and yellow look much like the scaly skin of a snake as well.

Warneckii Ulysses

Warneckii Ulysses

If for no other reason than its wacky name, the Warneckii Ulysses will add that bit of something weird to your office space. Your coworkers will overhear you say its name in conversation and ask, “Wow, who would name someone that?”

You justly respond, “Oh no, that’s not a person, it’s actually my amazing plant!” And boom! Conversation starter, and now you are the most popular person in the office…Thanks Warneckii Ulysses…

Urn Plant

At first glance these office plants are certainly an oddity that work well in your cubicle. But just because it is a wacky plant does not mean it can’t be pretty too.

While its green and white powdered leaves wave out in that weird fashion you are looking for, in the “urn-like” center, a beautiful pink flower will grow from summer to winter if conditions in your office are just right. This can pass as the office plant that helps brighten up the office of which your coworkers approve, yet also allows you to be a little different all at the same time.

Venus Fly Trap

Probably the wackiest of all odd-ball plants. This is a plant that EATS living things. Insects to be exact. You can’t get much weirder than that.

It will produce between four and seven trap-like jaws, all with its own set of teeth in which to capture its prey. Once an insect, like that pesky fly that has been buzzing around the office activates the trap, a “stomach” within the jaws will digest the prey over next ten days. Definitely weird seeing a plant eat insects, but incredibly convenient.

Being an odd-ball can be quite fun! If you would like to spruce up your office with a little oddity, give us a call because we would be glad to help!