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Top 5 Plants for Events

Jun 29, 2015


For the Love of a Garden Event PlantsWhether you’re planning a wedding for your best friend, a surprise party for your sister, or a weeklong ceremony for your business, beautiful event plants will help to make your celebration one to remember.

Many times people decide plastic tablecloths and paper decorations are enough – while it might be for a backyard birthday party, you may need to take your decorum to the next level to leave a lasting impression with your event.

Our event plants are the way to do that – here are the top five best event plants (and we offer all of them) to make any engagement a special one!


weeping-fig-plant_0Weeping Fig

The only weeping you’ll do after seeing this plant at your event will be tears of happiness! These beautiful standing floor plants would be perfect for a well lit area and would gracefully accent any entrance, walkway, tableside, or even help to brighten up the corner that you didn’t have enough tables and chairs to fill.


Peace Lillyspathiphyllum-peace-lily-plant_0

These flowering, potted plants will add a nice brightness to your special occasion. The peace lilly is a perfect event plant because it’s deep green leaves stem off and grow beautiful white flowers. These remarkable flowers can highlight any table off to the side or be the main piece of eye candy as your table’s centerpiece.


event-plants-foxtail-palmFoxtail Palm

Looking for a rental-specific plant? These are the largest palms we have available and perfect for your rental needs! When looking for event plants, these are not only beautiful sights; they are also great for creating a tropical feel to your event or framing a staging area.



Janet Craig

One day you may find yourself throwing a get together for a bunch of people in a tiny, cramped space. You only have room for the most important decorations. Before buying more cardboard cutouts to put on the table that say “Congradulations!” get a Janet Craig. These plants actually remove toxins from the air and help to improve poor air quality. Which will make all your asthmatic friends very happy.



White Bird of Paradise

Not only is this one of our favorites; interior designers and architects love them too! These gorgeous floor plants sport large leaves that create dramatic decorum and live up to it’s name – leaving you feeling like your event is in a total paradise.


Our event plants are available for purchase or for rent through our “Rent a Plant” service. Don’t forget to talk to our experts about event plant rental (where we do all of the hard work and ensure the plants stay beautiful through the length of your event, and we haul them away when it’s over) or purchase them and keep them forever!

For the Love of a Garden Event Plants
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