Top 5 Plants for Florida Offices

Florida is sort of all over the place weather wise. We can sometimes see scorching hot days, torrential downpours, and sometimes all during the same day! Keeping plants alive can be difficult when you have to battle a flooding garden on one end, and finding enough shade from the blistering sun on the other end.

For the average nine to fiver, that is the last thing you want to think about on your days off. So instead of worrying about outside factors, trying these office plants out in your Florida office may be the thing you are looking for.



Nicknamed the “Flaming Flamingo”, these office plants love the sun! Just like the bird that gets its color from what it eats, the anthruium soaks up the light, turning the flowers that it blooms into a sun-kissed pink when light conditions are just right. They are used to the humidity as well, considering they are from the tropics of South America, so this plant is perfect for your Florida office.


imperial-red-plant-1Imperial Red

This hybrid Philodendron is an easy care plant that adds a bit of elegance to your office. Unlike other Philodendron species, the Imperial Red does not climb like its cousins, but rather grows green and red leaves that stand up and are spaced close together to hide the stems that keep them upright. What makes these office plants perfect for the Florida office is that despite how the weather is acting the Imperial Red will adapt to all kinds of conditions as long as it stays warm. And in Florida that isn’t that hard to do.



Pothos Vine is a switch up from the average desktop potted plants that are in most offices. You can hang this plant in your office’s atrium and watch it cascade off the walls creating some interesting scenery. It is extremely versatile and can grow pretty much anywhere, and that’s why it is so widely used in interior plantscapes that get low light. The light conditions do not affect its coloration of different shades of greens, so it would even do fine in the break room if braving the Florida heat for lunch is too much.


Xanadu, or as it sometimes known, the “Dwarf Philodendron” is another office plant that could thrive in the bright Florida sun. Getting the light to shine through your office window can really help this plant bring out the red in its stems to bring a nice pop of color to your office. Unlike its cousin, the Imperial Red, Xanadu’s leaves are a bit smaller, making it a little more compact on your desktop. Hence its nickname, “Dwarf”.


boston-fern-plantzBoston Fern

Florida is known for its humidity, and sometimes you can even feel the stickiness when indoors. Luckily, that’s exactly what the Boston Fern needs. Despite its name, the Boston fern is perfect for your Florida office. Just remember, even though it might be so muggy you can see the water in forming in front of you, that’s not an excuse to never water it. Despite its name, Boston Ferns are perfect office plants for your Florida office.


If you have an office in Florida, or don’t have a very green thumb, contact us and we can help liven up your office with one of these plants that can withstand the weather.