Top 5 Plants That Can Handle Florida’s Heat


Right now you might be thinking that the rain that has plagued our Florida might not let up, that every day we are to be subjugated with torrential downpours. Well, if Florida has taught us anything it is that our weather is weird and likes to do what it wants.

It is rainy and wet right now, but most likely by this time next week we could be seeing temperatures in the 100’s and we are dodging the sun and hiding in the shade. Interestingly enough, just like the plants that do well in the rain, Florida can host some great heat lovers as well.

Here are the Top 5 plants that can handle Florida’s heat.


Its name pretty much says it all. This red-hot summer plant is well at home in the Florida heat. The hotter it is the brighter red the flowers get. This coloring and nectar producing attribute that the Firebrush is what attracts hummingbirds and pollinating insects to your garden or backyard landscape. So when Florida is at the point of catching on fire, take a quick look at how nice your fiery little plants look.

Silpalmver Saw Palmetto

Even though this fan like plant can function well in tropical regions and climates, the Silver Saw Palmetto can actually take quite the beating from the sun and the high temperatures. Nothing really affects these guys so it is a good low maintenance plant.

Cuban Buttercup

Considering its name, this yellow beauty has to love the heat, or else it needs to come up with a different name. This plant comes from the island of Cuba, and has made another home in Florida as well. It needs full sun exposure during the day, and it blooms from March through November making it the quintessential summer plant. It loves being out at the beach soaking up the rays.


Another summer plant that loves the sun, and actually needs the hot summers to thrive as an ecosystem. The Monarch Butterfly calls these plants home, and are essential for food when the caterpillars hatch. In addition to seeing the color from the butterflies that frequent these plants, the plant itself offers vibrant colors of yellows and pinks that balance our the green stalks that can stand close to four feet tall.

Purple Queen

Generally this plant is the queen of dry landscapes, often times even seen in medians on freeways and areas where constant lawn maintenance is not widely available. It grows vigorously in the driest parts of Florida, growing even better when the ground is irrigated. This deep purple plant can be combined with yellow beachy flowers to really give a low water habitat that extra bit of color it needs.

Adding some of these plants to your yard or garden can create some diversity in your landscape. Call PLANTZ today to learn more about our outdoor plants and landscape maintenance services.