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Top 5 Plants That Do Well In Rainy Weather

Aug 5, 2015


Over the last few weeks Florida has been essentially, how can we say this nicely, underwater? It has been raining, and raining, and raining again, pretty much every day. Good thing Floridians are used to all the wet summer weather right…(insert imagery of people having no idea how to drive through a flooded street here).

Good thing our tropical climate knows a thing or two when it comes to landscaping and keep its foliage happy. Here are the Top 5 rainforest and swamp inspired plants that do really well in rainy weather.


iris1. Blue Flag Iris

What makes this interesting little summer flower a great choice for wet Florida conditions is that they are usually found in wet, low lying swampy areas. Why is this a great choice you might ask? Well, after a good rain why not go check your back yard and get back to us. Every Floridian knows how this works, but fortunately for you, so do the Blue Flag Iris.


canna2. Water Canna

While they are technically not true canna lily, they definitely look great in a tropical garden. They are the right shade of green to help show off that rain forest look you might be going for, but are practical because they actually require saturated soil. So any area of your backyard that retains a lot of water is perfect for this plant.


holly3. Yaupon Holly

This little Florida native is a great addition to a wet yard. While like most holly, it can produce small red berries in the winter that give it its fame, they are often seen woven within hedges and other trees all throughout the year. They add a bit of difference in a hedge, and after some rainfall, its leaves show off a beautiful dark green.


lilly4. Arum Lily

These plants are a soothing sight by the waterside, in moist borders or large containers. What’s awesome about this versatile plant is that it can be placed anywhere within a tropical locale. These robust summer plants produce arrow-like leaves from the base, then from late spring to mid-summer. It will sport off beautiful, white, vase shaped lily flowers that catch the rainfall.


cattail5. Typha

If you pass by any pond you will definitely see one of these cool plants. The Typha, also known as the Cattail, could both an awesome addition to your wetland back yard habitat, and a pain if you aren’t careful. They grow sturdy roots with long stalks that have a brown cylinder shaped bulb like flower at the end. The puffy “cattail” can be used to make baskets and cushioning in pillows, but they can also attract a lot of wildlife, so be mindful when adding it to your landscape.

If you would like to add some of these wet weather plants to your yard, or need help getting things back together after some heavy rain, give us a call and we will help you with all of your plant and landscape maintenance needs.

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