Transforming Indoor Spaces with Plants

Indoor plants have become quite the hot commodity – and we couldn’t be more excited about it! From acting as powerful air purifiers and stress reducers to improving Feng Shui, indoor plants make a great addition to any room. With the right plants and a few helpful tips, anyone can find their green thumb.

Here are just a few of our suggestions of our favorite plants to improve your indoor spaces:

  • For Air Purification – The Mother-In-Law’s Tongue is well-known for being a natural stress-reducer and mood booster. Not only do these low-maintenance plants filter harmful formaldehyde and other chemicals from the air, they are also able to boost oxygen levels indoors. Also known as the Snake Plant, these plants are able to retain their color and health in low-light conditions.
  • For Indoor Blooms – The Peace Lily is a wonderful choice for those who have always wanted an indoor flower garden. These plants are able to thrive in low-light and produce beautiful white spaths, although fewer spaths bloom without direct sunlight. Peace Lilies don’t typically require a huge amount of space, making them perfect for smaller areas.
  • For a Tropical Vibe – In addition to adding a tropical aesthetic to any indoor space, the grand Areca Palm is also considered one of the most effective indoor plants for air purification. These palms are able to thrive in indoor environments with direct light and are generally low-maintenance plants.
  • For Forgetful Plant Owners – Perfect for neglectful plant parents, the ZZ Plant can survive being forgotten for quite a while in both high- and low-light conditions. They actually have their own natural water-storing system in their roots.
  • For Improved Feng Shui – Referred to as the Money Plant, the Golden Pothos is believed to bring wealth and luck to the whole household when kept indoors. These versatile vining plants are able to thrive in low-light conditions while retaining their colorful variegation. They are often used to cascade off of walls or from hanging baskets.

Would you like to improve your indoor spaces with beautiful and healthful indoor plants? Contact PLANTZ today to put some green in your scene!