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Wedding Plants and “The Big Day”

Mar 9, 2015

wedding-plantsWhat comes to mind when you think of a wedding aside from cake, dancing, and a white gown? There are many things that make these joyous events so memorable, but there are silent players enhancing the occasions that you may not have noticed, including green plants. Using greenery in your wedding décor is beneficial aesthetically and to your and your guests’ health. You may not have seen these vital enhancements in your first glance on the reception and ceremony, but would absolutely notice if they were gone.

There are many ways in which green wedding plants can be included in your ceremony and reception. More and more brides of today are opting for a toned-down version of the traditional blooming bouquet by carrying a more tranquil grouping of greenery down the aisle. Plants are also being used in the ceremony itself, as brides and grooms pour soil in the pot of a seedling or sapling in lieu of the traditional candle or sand as a representation of their joining together in a unity ceremony. Larger scale plants, such as the Weeping Fig and the White Bird of Paradise, make excellent additions to many larger spaces at the reception. Adding green plants to these areas may also help your wedding guests breathe a little easier, as they are known for improving overall air quality and removing airborne toxins. When it comes to the guests’ tables, plants can be used in many inventive ways to include pops of green at eye level. A popular trend at the moment is using tiny succulents or other small plants as a place card holder at the table. They may also function as the wedding favor – a small growing reminder of your big day for your guests to take home with them. Using greenery in your “tablescape” or as a centerpiece also makes for a lovely focal point on tables.

In addition to the beautiful bouquets and blooming flowers provided by our partnering florists, lush green plants make wonderful additions to the happiest day of your life. However finding the time to arrange and care for them can prove to be difficult when also dealing with the overall stress of planning your perfect day – this why our team of experts is available to help. The PLANTZ team wants your wedding day to be as beautiful and stress-free as we can possibly help make it with our wedding plant rental services. One of our plant care specialists will meet with you ahead of time to discuss your needs, wants, and desires, while also taking location into consideration, and create a personalized wedding plant design just for you. Once this plan is finalized and approved by you, we will take care of the rest! Set-up, maintenance, and cleanup are all included, so you won’t have to worry, except about the whole spending the rest of your life with someone part. Let our team help make your wedding day all that you have ever dreamed of!

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