5 Weeds You Didn’t Know You Could Eat

Ok so you took our tips on how to kill the weeds plaguing your backyard, but you don’t think that’s good enough. The flamethrower, the poison, and the spinning blade of death just didn’t give you the satisfaction that you are hoping to get. It gets better actually. You can eat them! Well, some of them. But still, it’s pretty satisfying, for your yard and your hunger!


So before you get frustrated with the weeds in your yard, check out this list and see if you can grab a little snack first.

1. Plantain

This might not be the tasty Hispanic fruit that looks like a banana, but it can still be eaten. You can prepare this weed with a little butter, salt, pepper, and garlic, and sauté them in a pan. They also do great in soups because its leaves act like spinach leaves.

2. Dandelion

While some people might not think this little yellow weed is not that big of deal, it still is technically a weed. Even with the flower. It is full of vitamins and minerals because the entire plant is edible.

Now, while their flowers are not the most filling snack, you can utilize its roots in tea. You’ll want to roast the roots in the oven and then use it in place of coffee because of the strong flavor. It can also be used to flavor homemade wines and jelly!

3. Purslane

These little leafy and flowering weeds tend to grow everywhere and can be somewhat of a nuisance. Fortunately you can stir fry them and use it as a spinach substitute in different recipes. You can also blend it with some basil, olive oil, and garlic to make a pesto to spread it toasted bread.

4. Pigweed/Lambsquarters

This weed is green and leafy and tastes a lot like collard greens and chard. You can eat every part of it from the leaves to seeds. You’ll want to avoid eating it raw if you want to eat a lot of it because it contains oxalic acid, which is quite bitter, but if you plan on steaming, or using it in a stew, the acid gets removed and it is actually palatable.

5. Garlic Mustard

Generally a weed that quickly takes over any backyard garden, you can actually get some revenge on it by devouring this spicy little plant that makes a perfect horseradish-like sauce. Like the Pigweed, you’ll want to cook out the bitter flavor, which can be done through steaming or sautéing.

While some of these ideas might sound interesting, it is important to remember to keep your lawn and garden clear of weeds. PLANTZ offers landscape maintenance services to help maintain your yard and garden. Call us today to find out more about how we can help you keep your garden free of weeds.