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What Services Are Included in Office Plant Care Maintenance

Apr 1, 2021

Whatever your interior design needs for your office may be, PLANTZ has you covered. We start helping make your days a little easier from the moment you reach out to us. After one of our design specialists visits your space and gets a better idea of how you wish to incorporate some greenery, we’ll get to work choosing the best plants that harmonize with your existing furnishings and lighting conditions.


Our job doesn’t end there- once the best plants and planters are selected for your space, we formulate a unique monthly service plan to ensure that your new plants are properly maintained and cared for without any additional pressure on you and your business. From routine waterings to monthly prunings, our team of plant-loving professionals will make sure that both you and your plants are kept happy.


Services Included in Our Plant Maintenance


Whether you purchase your plants and planters up-front or choose to subscribe to one of our rental programs, our plant maintenance services will always have your new plants looking aesthetically pleasing and in tip-top shape.


A plant care specialist will ensure that your plants have the routine watering schedule that they need, including inspections that will address any disease or pest issues with your plants. We will also make sure your indoor office plants are positioned in the correct lighting and assist in the trimming of any damaged leaves or foliage. In the unfortunate event that a plant starts to wither and lose its liveliness, PLANTZ will come to whisk it away and have it replaced at no additional cost or stress to you!


What Types of Plants Can I Get?


Choosing the proper plants that mesh with your interior design and lighting conditions can reduce stress in employees and have a positive effect on your work environment as a whole. Not sure which plants of ours thrive in office settings? All of the tropical plants that we offer are sure to boost office morale and live a long and happy life- you can visit our website here for more office plants online, but here are 10 of our most popular and unique office plants for your workspace:


Janet Craig: This fuss-free plant thrives in the lowest of indoor lighting conditions with little attention. Its long, strap-like leaves add life to the dullest of spaces while improving the look and air quality of your office.


Areca Palm: Known as the Butterfly Palm, this plant is sure to be the focal point of any room with its elongated, arching yellow-green leaves. The Areca Palm is also highly rated for cleansing the air of toxins.


Lisa Cane: The Lisa Cane is a tall, elegant plant from Hawaii that is sure to turn any workplace into a tropical paradise. It fits well in tight places and is one of our best performers in low-light conditions.


Sansevieria: Commonly referred to as a Snake Plant, this plant has long, vertical leaves with an interesting pattern that is sure to catch any visitor’s eye. They can maintain their colorful variegation in even the lowest of lights and are basically indestructible. These natural air filters can survive in any office. 

Dracaena trifasciata or mother-in-law's tongue
The Sansevieria in USF lobby


ZZ plant: This plant’s long, graceful leaves produce leaflets that almost resemble holly leaves, giving your workspace the familiar feeling of home. This plant can be sustained in basically any light conditions and is so easy to care for that killing it would actually be hard.


Bamboo palm: Known for its tall, bright greenery and impressive shade tolerance, the Bamboo Palm can make even the dullest offices feel like a beachy vacation destination. It’s also highly rated for its ability to remove harmful toxins from its environment!


Pothos: These versatile vining plants can retain their colorful leaves in relatively low lighting and are often designed to climb up walls or hang in baskets around your workplace. A Pothos plant is sure to offer a small but bright pop of color to any space.


White Bird of Paradise: This plant is adored by interior designers and architects for its dramatic, long arching leaves that produces an inflorescence resembling the head of a bird, hence the nickname. This plant doesn’t bloom in interior settings, but its large, elegant leaves are sure to make up for its lack of flowering.

Plantz Employee with White Bird of Paradise
Plantz Employee with White Bird of Paradise


Yucca: Thriving in high-light interior spaces, the Yucca plant is the perfect floor plant to liven up your place of business. Its long trunk is topped with vibrant, sword-shaped leaves and will certainly be a showstopper wherever it is placed.

Our goal is to make your life easier and happier through our wide array of plant care services. Ready to find out how to create the best plantscape for your business with our office plant service? Call or email us today to get started!

Plantz Employee with White Bird of Paradise
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