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Sep 14, 2022

How Plantz Improve Overall Wellness

Many people don’t understand that plants are more than just a decoration. Biophilia is becoming a way humans connect to the natural environments that surround us everywhere we go. With natural colors, textures, lighting, and forms, biophilia gives us direct relationships with nature. What is amazing about biophilic design is that these types of relationships […]

Types of plants in florida
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Jun 3, 2022

How to Incorporate Plants Into Your Office Space:

Incorporating biophilic design into the work environment can bring many benefits that people aren’t aware of. Some offices can be dull and gloomy, which also affects morale. Would you believe us if we told you that plants can change this whole situation? Would you think we were crazy if we told you that biophilia can […]

Rest Area
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Feb 14, 2022

Abdominal Transplant Center in Austin, TX

Our friends at the Abdominal Transplant Center in Austin, TX, asked us to help them beautify their clinic space. Here’s the result. We’re thrilled with how much life has come into the space and how our green friends are able to brighten the room.   

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Jan 24, 2022

Tropical Plant International Expo in Tampa – Bromeliads

The Tropical Plant International Expo (TPIE) is in full swing at the Tampa Convention Center with plant suppliers from around Florida and the world converging.  TPIE offers a unique opportunity for sellers and buyers to interact and develop new strategies for getting beautiful tropical plants closer to people.  PLANTZ delivers and installs thousands of colorful bromeliads each […]

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Dec 14, 2021

Tampa’s Moss Man

When iConstructors of Tampa needed the final “green” touches for an extensive lobby renovation at the downtown Tampa premier Tampa City Center, they turned to PLANTZ and our own “moss man” Keith Lindquist. “Vertical moss presentations were an integral part of the architect’s vision for the renovation,” said Mark Cooper LEED AP and Vice President […]

Wall Plants Image Click
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Jul 2, 2021

Go Boltz – and Let Lightning Strike Twice!  

 The PLANTZ team is geared up to support the Tampa Bay Lightning’s repeat quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup.  Nothing like some home team pride to get you fired up for an awesome Independence Day weekend! 

2021 Team Lightning PLANTZ
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Jun 9, 2021

Picture Perfect Plants: Plant Rentals for Events and Weddings

Whether it be a wedding reception, business convention, or maybe an extravagant party, planning a special occasion is rarely a simple task- especially when it comes to decorating your event space with plants. Adding a touch of greenery around your venue can transform any ordinary space into an aesthetically pleasing tropical wonderland! Finding and purchasing […]

Rent a Plant
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May 2, 2021

The New Meeting Must: A Growing Trend in Remote Work

One of the many benefits of the work world moving remote, besides of course only having to get the top half of you dressed, is the ability to create an intentional workspace of your own that inspires and motivates you. Going full interior designer on your work-from-home office promotes productivity while showing off your personal […]

aglaonema close up
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Apr 1, 2021

What Services Are Included in Office Plant Care Maintenance

Whatever your interior design needs for your office may be, PLANTZ has you covered. We start helping make your days a little easier from the moment you reach out to us. After one of our design specialists visits your space and gets a better idea of how you wish to incorporate some greenery, we’ll get […]

Plantz Employee with White Bird of Paradise
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Mar 1, 2021

Plant Wall Possibilities: See the Latest Green Trends

Keeping up with the latest trends is hard to do, but when it comes to plants, PLANTZ is here to help. The newest green trend sweeping the plant community is plant walls- taking the beauty and benefits of plants and going vertical with them. Plant walls- also called green walls, living walls, vertical gardens– are […]

Plant Walls
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Feb 4, 2021

Game Day Ready

With only days until the Super Bowl, the Aloft and Element Midtown Hotel could not have opened at a better time. Midtown, a massive new development opening in the heart of Tampa Bay Partnered with PLANTZ to add the finishing touches to their design. Just ahead of the big game, PLANTZ was thrilled to install […]

Plantz employee installs new plant
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Feb 1, 2021

Who You Gonna Call?  PLANTZ, Of Course.

The City of Tampa is gearing up to host Superbowl 55 and the city needs a few touch-ups! Among the preparations for the big event, the Harbour Island bridge-just south of the Convention Center- was looking a little dull. When the city needed this fixed quickly, they called PLANTZ to re-establish the vibrant plantings. Within […]

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