Plant Rental

plant rental tampa 1Why Plant Rental

People look for plant rental for a variety of reasons: they rent a temporary office and want it to have a pleasant, positive and welcoming atmosphere. They need to get their home ready to be put on the market and want to make a solid first impression on potential buyers. They run an event, potentially for multiple days, and want to give that event that extra “presence”.

About Our Plant Rental

Our plant rental services are a great way to take advantage of all of the benefits plants offer, without having to worry about what to do with them long term. When you engage with us for plant rental, we sit down with you to find out what your goals are. Based on this discussion, we create a plant rental plan, using our plant design staff if appropriate. The plant rental plan takes into consideration your goals, the reality and nature of the location and the duration of the contract.

plant rental tampa 2Our Plant Rental Commitment

We want our plant rental services to be hassle free. Your PLANTZ rental team coordinates delivery of the plants at the location. If a specific design was ordered, the plant design team then implements the design and ensures everything is put in place for the plants to thrive and look the same at the end of the engagement as they did at the beginning. During your plant rental engagement, your PLANTZ rental team will make regular visits to care for the plants, ensure that they are thriving, and make any changes if need be. If a plant shows a problem, we will replace it, so the look and feel of your location does not get negatively affected.
If you are looking for a different atmosphere, a better room presentation, or just to create a positive feeling with your guests, contact us. We can help you.