How to Get Plants

Plant Maintenance Services CAMLS 1Whether your vision for interior plants is modest or extravagant, it all starts with a phone call or email message to PLANTZ. From there, one of our design specialists will visit your place of business and best understand your vision for how plants will fit in to your overall interior design. Many times, we work directly with customers’ interior designers and planners for an integrated approach that effectively marries the fixtures and furnishings with the best plants and planters. During the process, we will suggest the best plants that will work well within your space and under your lighting conditions. We can even employ digital imaging to show you how plants will look in your space.

Plant Maintenance Services CAMLS 2After the right plants are selected, the correct style of planters chosen, and colors hand-picked to match your interior, we will deliver a proposal to you that shows the up-front costs and our affordable monthly service fees. You will have an opportunity to purchase your plants and planters, or subscribe to one of our plant rental programs that affords you lower up-front costs and slightly higher monthly fees.

Regardless of which program you chose, all our plants are guaranteed to perform. Our enthusiastic team of plant lovers will visit you on a programmed schedule to care for your plants and keep them in top shape. And when a plant does fall below a pre-determined aesthetic threshold, it is whisked away and replaced with a vibrant new plant at no additional cost to you. That’s our plant promise and guarantee – all designed to keep you happy.

Contact us to find out how plants can fit in to your interior space.