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Interior Plantscapes

Looking to set your lobby, office, boardroom or restaurant apart? We are uniquely situated to assemble the right live plants, matching decorative planters, and natural elements that will bring that special green touch to any interior space. 

  • A tall statement plant with long arching leaves in a contemporary planter casting its silhouette against the hotel lobby, sets the mood for your vacationing guests.
  • A grouping of plants of varying shapes, textures, and colors, greets customers at your professional office suite.
  • A fiddle-leaf fig with large and shapely leaves positioned perfectly behind a seated executive lowering the stress level in an office setting.

In today’s built environment, plants bring life to interior spaces and allow us to connect with nature in our daily lives. Plants deliver comfort and warmth to any space without you even realizing it. It’s all part of an intentional biophilic design – to bring nature inside and connect. And plants are proven winners – increasing productivity and morale in office settings and sparking innovation. They are purposefully placed and arranged to demonstrate care and concern for others’ wellbeing. It’s what plants do – make people happy.

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