Containerized Plant Displays

Indoors and out, many times the best way to bring people and plants together is through the effective placement of plants in planters – fiberglass, concrete, terra cotta, polymers of all kinds, in-ground and detached – near where people work and play.

Intimate Settings

Planters can be deployed in restaurants and other patio settings to create an interesting display or carve out a more private area. Just the right plants, in the right planters can be just the right touch for providing some privacy for adjacent spaces.


Nothing is more inviting at the entrance of a resort, hotel, or business like colorful plants presented together with interesting foliage. Choices abound, but the right combination of flowering plants, succulents, grasses and palms create your natural “welcome” sign.

Pool decks and patios

After the hardscapes have been set, some strategically placed palms can create just the tropical oasis you desire. Use virtually any
kind of planter with a beautiful palm and you are set for a tropical party.

Large PlantersContainerized-Plant-Displays-Large-Planters

The architectural features of many buildings and homes includes the use of large, built-in planters to soften concrete lines, and make structures more vibrant. Irrigation and drainage in these features are important considerations for successful plantings.


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