Specialty Horticulture Services

At PLANTZ, we have a talented team of plant lovers who carry a multi-faceted tool box. So, when nature throws us a curveball, we’re ready for just about anything.

Palm Tree Injections

palm-tree-injectionsThe Florida landscape has been heavily planted with trees from the genus Phoenix, commonly called Date Palms. These stately palms are susceptible to a phytoplasma that is spreading throughout Florida and the southern United States. The disease, known as Texas Phoenix Palm Disease or TPPD, is fatal, and frequent injections of antibiotics is the best known preventative medicine. PLANTZ protects plenty Tampa-area Phoenix palms with scheduled injections of the antibiotic in effort to fend off the disease.

Irrigation System Upgrades

irrigation1That old timer on the wall might have lost its luster, and might be costing you a lot of money by running irrigation systems when it’s not necessary. We have replaced analog timers with new solid-state irrigation controllers that “talk” with your router and weather data, and can be controlled in a web browser or a smart phone application. Wasted water factor: low; cool-tech factor: high – PLANTZ can help you get your irrigation system online.

Ball Fields and Sports Turf

plantz-horticulture-servicesNatural grass is the safest surface for playing many sports. Grass surfaces also have a natural cooling factor from the transpiring leaves, creating a much cooler surface than artificial turf. For baseball, football, soccer, lacrosse fields at top performance, count on PLANTZ to deliver quality turfgrass conditions for you and your players.

Ant and Flea Control

There’s nothing like the bite of a little insect to foul up an otherwise pleasant outdoor experience. These pesky pests are easily controlled with safe pesticides with long-lasting residual.

Call on PLANTZ to put out the right product at the right time of year to reclaim your outdoor space.