Plant and Landscape Maintenance

Harry's Plant MaintenanceSometimes it is hard to care for interior and exterior plants. We often find that customers lack the time and knowledge to give them the time and care that they truly deserve. This is where our plant maintenance services become an invaluable resource.

After meeting with you to discuss your ideas, our plans, and overall suggestions for the space, we will deliver your indoor plants. Our team of knowledgeable plant care specialists will then ensure that your indoor plants are properly watered and cared for on a routine schedule, ensure that they are positioned in the correct lighting situation, and address any disease or pest related issue, replacing them if needed. We will create a water schedule to follow, so that you can rest assured in the fact that your indoor plants are being properly maintained and cared for. As there is nothing more depressing than a wilted plant, our interior plant maintenance services will make sure that yours are thriving.

PLANTZ also offers design and maintenance services for the urban landscape located just outside of your building. Our landscape design services are available to create a worthy first impression of your company on customers. Good landscape design must take the architecture, topography, orientation, soil, and many other factors into account before planning an elaborate plantscape. After the design is done and the plants are in the soil, our skilled plant maintenance specialists are available to provide crucial care to your outdoor plants. From patio container plantings and colorful perennials, to trees and larger green additions, PLANTZ offers a wide array of plant maintenance services to care to your exterior plants.

commercial plant maintenance

What are the benefits of employing our plant maintenance services?

As far as indoor plants go, the proper placement of indoor plants add an uplifting spirit to your interior space. Well-maintained plants work to reduce stress in employees and have a positive impact on the working environment. Wilted or dying plants may actually spread disease to other indoor plants and attract pests to the office. Exterior plant maintenance is not only important for the health of the plants, but also for your business. A poorly maintained urban landscape may say many negative things about the business dwelling inside of it.

We will do whatever it takes to meet and exceed your expectations when it comes to designing and maintaining your interior and exterior plants. Our goal is to make your life easier and happier through plants. If you have any issues with the health of your plants, a decision that we have made, or regarding any of our plant maintenance services, we will do everything in our power to make it right.