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Plant Design Digital Imaging: Before & After

Channel-13-reception Not sure how it will look?  It’s a big concern – How will the plants fit?  What style planter should we use?  What colors are best for us? – With our digital imaging, you can see for yourself how the planted area will look, and use the images to demonstrate the power of plants in your space.

And they’re not just good-looking bystanders in your space, plants produce oxygen, filter out VOCs (volatile organic compounds that seep from carpet, adhesives, and furnishings), reduce stress in the workplace, and promote creativity in your workforce.

We have included imaging below that shows the ‘before’ and proposed ‘after’ in some of the spaces where customers have entrusted us with installation and care of their plantings.  masonite-orchid-elevatorgif-choices WatersEdge

We’re offering a sample rendering  to give you an idea of how it will look in your space.  So, see for yourself!  Use the form below to upload a picture of your interior, and we’ll send it back to you with plants and planters strategically positioned.

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