Our Plant Specialists




Steve-Stanford Steve Stanford/President – Steve joined the company in 2004 and serves as president. A 1986 graduate of the University of Florida, Steve combines plant, people, and technology skills in his day-to-day management of the company. He a Florida Certified Pest Control Operator, and is very active in the community. Fun fact – Steve was a professional water skier at Sea World. Favorite plant – Cynodon dactylon / Bermudagrass. 
Dara-Leslie Dara Leslie/Chief Financial Officer – Dara is our part-time Chief Financial Officer and has worked with Steve on ventures dating back to 1984. She earned a BS from the University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business Administration and an MBA at the University of North Florida. She’s married, and the mom of 2 great kids. She’s also working on becoming a QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Fun Fact – Dara volunteers extensively in the community and serves at the Plant High School Athletic Foundation Treasurer. Favorite plant – Magnolia grandiflora.
Susan-“Sue”- Waltzer Susan “Sue” Waltzer / Operations Manager is the most senior member of the PLANTZ team and serves as the company’s Operations Manager. Sue joined the company in 1997 and has served as a plant care specialist. Currently, she is responsible for new customer installations, shop operations, and supporting the entire team through plant procurement and plant placement. Fun fact – Sue hasn’t missed a Daytona 500 in 30 years. Favorite plant – Euphorbia pulcherrima / Poinsettias, of course!
Lisa Potvin / Operations Manager – Lisa is not the type of manager who stays behind a desk.  She loves being with customers and technicians and getting things ‘Green and Clean’.  She has years of experience running larger plant service operations, and her expertise and can-do attitude has brought Plantz quality and service to new heights.  She even brings us baked goods most every day just like a mom would.  If she has any spare time she’s with her engineer husband and her two super smart kids.  Favorite plant –  the poinsettia.
keith-lindquist Keith Lindquist / Sales Manager / Plant Care Technician – Keith joined the team in 2009 to help with the holiday rush, and he liked it so much he stayed. An Auburn University grad and former computer teacher, Keith handles many customer engagements that require both interior and exterior plant care in hotels, hospitals, and law firms. Fun fact – Keith is a freelance photographer, and he’s for hire. Favorite plant – Dracaena Arborea
16 Karen House / Special Projects Manager – Karen has worked in the plant industry for more than 30 years, and she owned Living Plants when it merged to create PLANTZ, so her plant knowledge is deep.    She keeps her eye on quality control with PLANTZ, among other projects. In a previous life, she was in the Army Nurse Corps.  Favorite plant:  Zamioculcas zamiifolia, the ZZ plant.
Laura Kraemer/Office Coordinator – Laura works closely with customers to ensure that our invoicing is timely and accurate as Office Coordinator.  She served as Executive Assistant to the Pastor and bookkeeper at Holy Trinity Church in Tampa before starting with Plantz in September 2014. Laura is bilingual and tells us “andale” if we’re not getting our paperwork completed soon enough. When not playing Office Coordinator, Laura visits her two grown children and volunteers at church. Favorite plant: the Phaleonopsis (orchid).
John Crandall / PBM/Shop Manager— John has more than six years management experience and you’ll find him doing all sorts of things for Plantz. He’ll drive, he’ll deliver, he’ll install, and he knows all aspects of making people happy with plants. We think he’s in love with his Black Challenger. Favorite plant: the corkscrew palm.
Mary Bowers | Plant Specialists Mary Bowers / Interior Plant Care Technician – Mary said she’s loved plants since she was 4 years old, and her favorite part about being a technician is being mobile and visiting all her customers.  Mary hails from California, and she originally moved to Florida on a scholarship to play volleyball at St. Thomas University.  So, let’s just say she can reach the tall plants.  Favorite plant:  Warneckii lemon lime.
Lori Snow / Plant Care Technician – Lori came to Plantz with 17 years of plant care experience.  She was the Senior Gardener at Gaylord Palms in Orlando, along with long stints with Valleycrest, Disney, and Perfect Plants. Her only hobby is floral design!  Favorite plant  — Orchids in all colors.
Josue “Joe” Rivera / Plant Care Technician – Joe’s favorite aspect of working with Plantz is our famed teamwork when installing and perfecting projects together. He holds a certification for bonsai trees, and he was a wellness coordinator before he came to Plantz. Joe is a big reader, and he’s an exercise nut. Favorite plant: Ficus benjamina  
Nelson Mazorra / Plant Care Technician –  Nelson is our ageless wonder.  At 71, he doesn’t stop all day, he doesn’t drink and doesn’t smoke, and he loves plant care.  In fact he was in charge of growing 700,000 twist ficus trees at his previous plant care job. In his spare time, he does everything with his wife, three daughters, and a slew of grandkids.  Favorite plant –  Ficus benjamina.
Tyler Gonzalez/Plant Service Technician — Tyler has years of plant service experience.  He serviced Plantz customers for 4 years then left to travel the country and he’s back now for good.  All Big Ten fans should know that he bleeds Ohio State Buckeyes.  Favorite plant:  Rhapis palm
Shannon Peach / Plant Care Technician – Shannon has worked with plants since she was 10 years old, and her knowledge of all things plants is extensive.  She’s our home girl because she has worked at our location off and on for more than 30 years, even with the previous owners.  In her spare time, she reads murder mysteries and history books.  Favorite plant: the Aloe plant.
Alex Ruiz / Plant Service Technician – Alex’s favorite aspect of plant service is dealing with customers and making their day brighter.  He came to Plantz with years of experience so we are glad to have him.  He has also worked for Amazon, and he was a cable guy for 11 years.  Alex spends all his free time with his wife and two kids, and his favorite plant is the Philodendron congo rojo.
Sky Ramirez / Plant Service Technician – Sky luckily came to Plantz through her mother Lori Snow who is one of our holiday and orchid experts, and a lot of Lori’s love for plants and decorating rubbed off on Sky.  Sky had done holiday work for Plantz for a couple seasons and it was a natural move for her to care for plants in offices.  Sky is a video game aficionado, and she’ll challenge anyone to League of Legends.  Sky’s favorite plant is the Ficus lyrata.
Melinda Brumitt / Plant Service Technician – Melinda has had love for plants since she was a little girl. Her experience is deep through her work with growers, nurseries, florists, and she came to Plantz from another plant servicer in Sarasota. In her spare time, she loves to open-air paint with oils and an easel outside. Favorite plant: all varieties of orchids.
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