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Plant & Moss Walls

Looking for a novel way to bring living plants and moss in to your work environment and events? The PLANTZ team has thousands of plants displayed in vertical presentations – growing inside and out.

  • Interesting plants framed by brushed metal edges decorate the walls of your team’s meeting room and provide an eye-catcher during an innovation summit.
  • Your logo, in interesting and contrasting colors made with natural, preserved moss, is emblazoned on your lobby’s large wall, providing a unique opportunity for your branding.
  • Outside, in full sunlight, your building’s formerly bare concrete wall is now covered in lush, dense tropical foliage- helping the new, well-built, urban environment communicate your values to customers and passersby.

Plants and moss are going vertical and it’s a major trend in biophilic design. Is there a greener way to attract new customers to your brand? We think not.  Vertical plant displays are a space-saving way to bring new life to your indoor and outdoor spaces- but it takes experience with plant selection, irrigation, and lighting to keep it growing- that’s why we’re here to help.

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