Plant Rentals


Whether they are bringing even more happiness to a wedding reception, milestone celebration, or a luncheon, sometimes plants are just the right touch for a special occasion. Purchasing plants for such an exciting time can be a cumbersome task to undertake, as they must be properly watered, placed in the right amount of light, and continuously cared for. At PLANTZ, our goal is to act as your one-stop shop for all of your “green” needs for any and every kind of special occasion with our plant rental services. From weddings and parties to television production sets and trade shows, our team of creative plant experts will convert any space into an intimate or tropical setting. This is where our inventory of event rental plants can be put to best use – and may even be illuminated with mini lights or up-lighting. Whether you are looking for palms, ferns, topiaries, or even colorful and flowering plants, we stand by our motto of “any plant, any place, any time.”

Our Plant Rental Process

Event Plants on display at Tampa Garden ClubAt PLANTZ, our goal is to make the plant rental process as streamlined and simplified as possible for our customers so that they can work on perfecting the other aspects of their event. During our initial visit and meeting with our client, we will begin by asking a few questions to determine your goals, personality, brand identity, and preferences. We then take all of the information that we have collected and translate it into a unique and innovative plant rental design and solution. In this plan, we will include recommendations of the plants that we think would be the best fit for the space and environment in which the event will be held.

Once this plan is modified to fit your requests and has your seal of approval, we will then proceed to the implementation process. Our dedicated team will deliver the plants to your event and set them up per the preapproveEvent Plants at Boringd specifications. As part of our quality guarantee, we will also ensure that each and every plant maintains its beauty and freshness throughout the duration of the event. We will also pick the plants up after your event is finished to ensure a hassle-free experience.

PLANTZ also offers long-term plant rental programs to offer clients the advantage of including indoor plants to a space that may not be permanent, such as temporary office space, conferences, festivals, trade shows, and other events.

The PLANTZ Plant Rental Guarantee

At PLANTZ, we work hard to ensure that once we have delivered plants to your event they stay looking beautiful throughout the duration of the contract. In an effort to keep your gathering as perfect as possible, we ensure that once we have delivered the plants to your location, we will remain committed to keeping them healthy and in good shape throughout the duration of your plant rental period. The end of the party should be every bit as beautiful as the beginning.

Check out a few of our favorite plants for plant rental:

Areca PalmWeeping Figboston-fern-plantzspathiphyllum-peace-lilly-plant_0-2

Contact PLANTZ today to add a unique green touch to your next special occasion with our plant rental services!