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Interior Plantscapes

Live plants can brighten any hotel lobby, office space, or restaurant, and offer many healthful benefits. The biophilic properties of plants are proven to alleviate stress, inspire productivity, and create a more healthful work atmosphere; while plants in hospitality and retail settings are proven to increase the perceived value of the surrounding products and services. Besides all that, they look good and make people happy. Call on our green team to design the right mix of plants and planters, deliver it to you, and maintain it with an ongoing promise to keep it looking fresh and beautiful.
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Interior Plant Area

Urban Landscapes

With more and more opportunities for outdoor gatherings and dining with limited space, plants in container gardens set the mood for people to enjoy the fresh air in all the splendor of the sun and moon. Colorful blooming plants provide the accent, flowing vining plants soften the edges, while formal hedgerows give guidance and structure – in outdoor settings surrounded by bricks and mortar, plants provide the special green touch to keep people coming back. Call on our team to keep the splendor alive and looking great for you.
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Flower Pot

Plant & Moss Walls

Live plants can brighten any hotel lobby, office space, or restaurant, and offer many healthful benefits - sound familiar? With limited space and unlimited imagination, living plants and green moss are climbing to new heights on walls delivering the same biophilic benefits as our green friends bound to the floor - only higher. Beautiful, impressive, and creative vertical plant and moss walls are gaining in popularity. So, if you’re looking for a mossy branding opportunity or a spectacular green wall, call on our team to take you to new heights.
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Wall Plants


Trees, shrubs, accent plants, and turf in a well-organized, healthy looking landscape project a professional image and welcoming first impression to your guests and visitors. Our goal is a beautiful landscape, one that is the result of forces and resources working in concert to impact that first impression. From routine mowing and plant nutrition to irrigation and pest control, our landscape team will develop and execute a landscape maintenance plan that works for you.
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Outdoor Greenery Plants

Event Rental

Sometimes plants just offer the right touch for a special event – to bring even more happiness to a wedding reception, graduation, milestone party, or a luncheon. Need to hide something unsightly? Plants are pretty good at that too! Whether it’s to green up a special occasion or cover up something that’s not so attractive, plants fit the bill. And we have lots to choose from - tall plants, short plants, palms, bushes, and some even come with lights too. Call on our plant placement experts to have just the right plants come and go for your special event.
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Event Area

Holiday Decor

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Andy Williams might be right, but everyone - even Santa - needs help making it so. That’s why we’re here. We make the holidays bright for building and hotel guests, but we make it easy for building and hotel managers. Just call on our elf team to add Christmas trees, wreaths, garland, and poinsettias with just the right timing to spread hassle-free holiday cheer.
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Christmas Holiday
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