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PLANTZ is committed to sustainable environmental practices while managing the very elements of customers’ environments that help them keep “green”.

PLANTZ is committed to a sustainable approach to the environment and manages the very elements that help customers stay “green”. We recognize that we consume fuel and other natural resources in the delivery of our products and services. Therefore, we employ the following practices to ensure that the health benefits of living houseplants outweigh the negative impact on our environment.

In 2009, PLANTZ received Green Earth/Green Plants® certification by Johnson Fediw Associates – a non-partisan, independent consulting firm specializing in the indoor greening industry and green certifications – and continues to be certified. PLANTZ consistently monitor our practices to ensure we are positively contributing to our community and environment. After all, it’s our service that contributes to the “green” in your office environment.

White flower plant Plantz team member looking at a plant. Plantz team member cutting a plant.
Plantz team member watering a plant.
Sub-irrigation/Service Interval

PLANTZ has committed to retooling its shop to ensure that all new plants leave the nursery with a method of sub-irrigation. Sub-irrigation is a technique used to create a reservoir from which the plant draws water between service visits, using less water. These techniques include:

1. The use of controlled watering inserts, where plants are placed in a container and water is added to the container. A sensor in the soil releases water when the plant needs it.

2. Use of PVC rings and capillary wicks with the standard grow pot and vinyl liner. This is our PlantAssure™ method. It creates a reservoir in the film and the plant draws water from the film through the capillary material, which is introduced into the root zone through the holes in the bottom of the grow pot.

3. Use of aqua disks in the foil. In this method, a disk is placed under the plant pot and above the film. The water is retained in the disk and transferred to the plant by osmosis when it needs it. This method allows PLANTZ to maintain plants every two weeks instead of at shorter intervals. The benefits of the extended maintenance interval means that we are.

Waste Management

PLANTZ seeks to recycle and avoid items ending up in dumpsters through the following practices.

1. Plants that fall under our standards in customer accounts are: donated to Lowry Park Zoo; sold, with proceeds benefiting Tampa Bay Watch; and given away to customers and neighbors

2. Paper products used in the office are recycled.

3. We have reduced our overall consumption of paper products through continued use of electronic communications such as eFax and email.

Plantz team member taking picture with a plant.
Pest Control

PLANTZ practices IPM( Integrated Pest Management)- a set of guidelines that include continuous scouting for plant pests, the use of alternative pest control methods, and minimizing the use of synthetic pesticides. Below is a list of some of the methods we practice:

1. Use of beneficial insects – Many of the insects that damage plants have natural enemies. In some cases, we can release these enemies, called “beneficial insects,” into the environment of the plants where they then exterminate the “bad” insects. The beneficial insects aren’t harmful to humans or plants.

2. Soap & Water – In many cases, a simple wash with soap and water is sufficient to kill an insect population. This has a very small impact on the environment.

3. Pesticides – Sometimes the use of pesticides is justified. When we use pesticides, we follow these rules:

    • Use pesticides with nothing stronger than a “Caution” signal word on the label
    • Never “spray” pesticides in a customer’s indoor environment
    • Use systemic pesticides (that are absorbed into the plant) whenever possible
    • Obey all label rules, instructions, and warnings
Plantz team working with their new plantz company truck
Plant Nutrition

Plant fertilizer is needed to maintain the health and growth of plants. PLANTZ fertilizes only when the plant needs it. Thus, we minimize the consumption of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium on our farm. We want to give you the best, so we do the best when we are working for your happiness.

Company Vehicles

We’ve traditionally used small vans and light trucks to transport personnel and products. However, we recently purchased a Scion xB and a Ford Transit Connect and plan to replace our current vehicles with others of this type. These vehicles exceed the average fuel economy standards for small trucks. This will reduce our use of carbon-based fuels and we’ll continue to evaluate new vehicles for efficiency and performance. Our entire fleet is regularly maintained, which further improves efficiency. We’ve also implemented policies that allow our team to drive their company cars home. This reduces travel time to and from our workshop, as technicians are encouraged to drive directly from home to their first appointments and directly home after their last appointment. This further reduces fuel consumption.

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