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Transform Your Space with Exciting Plantz Rental Services

Posted on by Steve S

Plant rental services are a hot trend for people to transform their work or event spaces and create a more vibrant and lively environment.  Whether you are looking to add a touch of greenery to your office or want to enhance the ambiance of your wedding, plant rental services offer a wide range of options to suit your needs.  From small succulents to large tropical plants, there is something for everyone.

Business owners are keen on incorporating plants into the office in order to create a more comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for their employees.  Using plant rental services in the office is a convenient and budget friendly way to bring the beauty of plants to the workspace without having to worry about maintaining the plants.  Whether you are looking to add a pop of color or a touch of greenery, plant rental services have you covered.

What is a plant rental service?

A plant rental service is a company that literally rents out plants to customers. They typically offer multiple services from event rentals, like weddings or corporate events, to long-term rentals like office decoration.  Plant rental services are able to match the plant types for the event or workspace with the design and décor of the office or event space.  From Orchids and Fiddle Leaf Figs to Areca Palms and Janet Craigs, plant rental companies, like PLANTZ, have everything you need to ensure your workspace or event is a thing of beauty.

The primary goal of PLANTZ rental services is to provide a cost-effective way to bring greenery into any space.  Buying plants can be expensive, especially for large displays or for multiple plants.  When you rent plants for your space, you can keep the plants as long as you need them, then return the plants when you are ready for a change.  This will save you money while still allowing you to enjoy the lush greenery plants added to your area.

In addition to protecting your wallet from overspending, using a plant rental service will also save you time and effort.  Plants require maintenance.  They are living, breathing things that have certain needs to be met in order to stay healthy.  This maintenance can be a lot of work, especially if you are inexperienced or were not born with a green thumb.  With a plant rental service, you don’t have to worry about watering, fertilizing, or pruning your plants.  This is ideal for businesses whose workers travel frequently or work from home part time.   The rental service takes care of all of the maintenance for you!

Benefits of using PLANTZ rental services

Incorporating plants into the workspace or into an event space is always a great idea, and plant rental services make it happen without the hassle of maintenance.  Some of the biggest benefits of using a plant rental service to enhance your environment include:

  • Aesthetic Appeal:  PLANTZ makes any space more inviting, relaxing, and appealing by adding a touch of nature to a room.  By renting plants, you can choose the plants you want in the planters that you like to ensure they seamlessly fit in with your décor.
  • Improved Air Quality:  As natural air purifiers, you’re not only making your space more beautiful, but you’re also making it a healthier place for your employees, friends, and family.  The health benefits of plants for indoor spaces have long been studied, and the studies show they are able to clean the air from pollutants, toxins, and other harmful particles, all while increasing the amount of oxygen in the air.
  • Reduced Stress:  Research has also shown that adding natural beauty to stressful or high charged places will help reduce stress levels and promote a sense of calm.  This, in turn, will make the office a happier place to be!
  • Increased Productivity:  Happy workers are productive workers.  By improving air quality, injecting the environment with more oxygen, and reducing stress levels, office workers will be more productive and have an overall improvement in their work product.  Simply by renting plants for your office, you can boost employee morale and increase productivity.  
  • Low Maintenance:  Taking care of plants can be time consuming and requires specific knowledge of plant care as no two plants are the same.  Using a plant rental service for your event space or office needs takes the guesswork out of plant care and ensures your plants receive the care they deserve.  Leave the maintenance to the professionals and enjoy the peacefulness without the stress by using PLANTZ to rent your office or event greenery.
  • Flexibility:  Using a plant rental service for your office plant rentals is a great option for business owners and employees who travel frequently or telecommute part time.  There is no need for anyone to come to the office when it is closed to care for the plants.  Office plant services allow the freedom and flexibility to include lush greenery in the workspace without worry of caring for the plants.

Types of plants available for rental

The options are almost endless when it comes to what plants are available to rent from plant rental services.  

  • Palms:  Palms are a great way to bring a beach vibe to the office.  Their large, feathery fronds add a touch of exotic beauty in an otherwise standard space.  They are low maintenance and can tolerate low light conditions, making them ideal for busy businesses.  They are great air purifiers and come in a variety of sizes to fit the needs of any space.  Palm options that are recommended for office spaces include Kentia Palms,  Metallica Palms, and Areca Palms.
  • Ficus Trees:  For work spaces that have bright light available for plants, Ficus trees are a splendid option.  One of the top indoor plants over the last several years is the Fiddle Leaf Fig.  These grand trees make the perfect focal point for a bright reception room or a sunny conference room.  The Weeping Fig is another Ficus that will beautify an office.  
  • Tropical Plants:  Many tropical plants will not only add a lush vibe to an office, but also add a splash of color.  The Imperial Red Philodendron is a majestic plant with bright and shiny leaves that are green with a hint of red to them.  Bromeliads are a popular option as they bring long lasting, natural color to workspaces.  For a large wave of color, Crotons are a great option.  They are beautiful plants with leaves that are a combination of green, yellow, red, and orange.  Crotons do require bright light in order to thrive.
  • Low-Light Options:  Not all offices or event spaces have the sunlight needed for plants.  There are many plant varieties, however, that so well in low light spaces and are perfect for offices that don’t have direct access to bright light.  Sansevieria, or Snake Plants, are one such option.  These plants retain their variegation even in low light scenarios and are almost indestructible.  They are also excellent air purifiers!  The ZZ Plant adds a lovely pop of green to low light offices as well.  These versatile plants can be used on table tops or operate as a floor plant, adding a pop to any office décor when paired with the right planter.  

PLANTZ offers a wide range of plants that may be rented for event spaces or offices, with options that will suit any style or theme.  

How to select the right rental service

As plant rental services become more and more popular, it is important to select the plant rental service that works best for you.  Consider these factors when weighing your options:

  • Consider the type of plants:  The first step is making sure the rental service has the type of plants you want.  Some services specialize in outdoor plants, some specialize in indoor plants, and others can do both.  Think about your space and what types of plants would thrive in that environment.
  • Check the quality of the plants:  You want to ensure you are contracting with a plant rental service that provides healthy, well-maintained, pest-free plants.  If you’re able to access the plants before they are installed, check them before renting them.
  • Review rental policies:  Before signing anything, it’s important to read the rental policies thoroughly and carefully.  Some rental services impose minimum rental periods, while others may charge extra fees for delivery and pick up.  Make sure you are aware of all of the terms and conditions before you sign the rental agreement.
  • Create a budget:  Rental costs are a key factor in the consideration of choosing a plant rental service.  Know your monetary limits and find a company that will provide the best bang for your buck.
  • Read reviews:  Research your plant rental service company before committing to anything.  Look for insight into the quality of the plants and the services that the company offers.  This will give you a sense of what the company is about and how they value their customers.

For the best quality, plant care, and customer service, PLANTZ is the clear leader for Florida events and workspaces.

Different types of plant rental services

Plant rental services offer a range of options to suit different needs and preferences. Here are some of the most common types of plant rental services:

  • Indoor plant rental: Indoor plant rental services specialize in providing a variety of plants that are well-suited for indoor environments. These services offer plants of various sizes and types, from small desk plants to larger potted plants that can be used to create green walls or other decorative displays.
  • Outdoor plant rental: Outdoor plant rental services provide a range of plants that are suitable for outdoor spaces, such as gardens, patios, and balconies. These services offer plants that are able to withstand varying weather conditions and can be used to enhance the beauty of outdoor spaces. 
  • Event plant rental: Event plant rental services offer plants that are suitable for use at special events, such as weddings, corporate events, and trade shows. These services provide plants that are well-maintained and can be used to create stunning backdrops, centerpieces, and other decorative displays. 
  • Long-term plant rental: Long-term plant rental services offer plants that can be rented for extended periods, such as several months or even years. These services are ideal for businesses and individuals who want to maintain a beautiful and healthy environment but don’t want to commit to purchasing plants outright. 
  • Short-term plant rental: Short-term plant rental services offer plants that can be rented for shorter periods, such as a few days or weeks. These services are ideal for special occasions or temporary events.

There are many different types of plant rental services available to suit various needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for indoor plants, outdoor plants, or plants for a special event, PLANTZ will meet your needs.  Contact us today to see how live plants will enhance your space! 


1. What types of plants are available to rent?  Plant rental services offer a wide range of plants, from indoor and outdoor plants to lush tropical plants, palms, and orchids.  Contact PLANTZ to discuss what plants will work best for your needs.

2. How long can I rent plants for?  PLANTZ offers services for short term rentals like weddings, parties, conventions, or other corporate functions, and they also provide services for long-term monthly or yearly rentals for offices.

3.  How much does it cost to rent plants?  The charges vary by company and will depend on the type of plants, rental duration, and services chosen.

4. Do plant rental services provide maintenance and care for the plants?  PLANTZ offers service packages for plant care for all rentals to ensure the plants remain healthy and vibrant.  These services may include watering, pruning, fertilization, and pest control.

5. What if I don’t have a green thumb and can’t care for the rental plants?  Plant rental companies can provide guidance and support for caring for the rental plants, including watering instructions, light requirements and specialized tips for specific types of plants.  At PLANTZ you can customize your services to meet the needs of your office, including full maintenance of the plants by the company.

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