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Landscape Maintenance

A beautiful landscape, one that is the result of forces and resources working in concert, is our goal. While we can’t control all of the forces that influence your landscape, we can apply the resources, at prescribed quantities and at the appropriate time, to tame the forces of nature and produce a groomed and manicured landscape.

At PLANTZ, we apply expertise to landscapes in the 3 major service areas –

Plantz team member mowing the grass.

Landscape Services

This is the repeating service that provides a groomed look. It includes mowing, edging, trimming, and clean-up and blowing hard surfaces. Incorporated in this service is attention to flowering plants, occasional pruning, and attention to the little things that keep your property clean-looking and vibrant. Weekly service stops also allow us to scout for pest infestations and irrigation issues – and allow us to treat for pests and adjust irrigation before they have a negative impact on your landscape.
Man checking sprinkler a system.

Irrigation Service

Irrigation systems are essential to a healthy landscape, even with (usually) abundant rainfall in Florida. Many times we can go weeks without a drop of rain and at other times it seems to rain every day. Irrigation systems are intended to supplement normal rainfall, and, during inevitable periods of drought, we depend on properly functioning systems sustain plantings. We offer irrigation system checks and optimization as part of our integrated landscape maintenance program.

Plantz team member mowing the grass.

Pest Control and Nutrition

While these 2 elements of landscape maintenance are very different, they both involve the targeted application of materials that command special handling and expertise.

• Pest Control – A solid pest control program starts with scouting the landscape for pests and using various methods to maintain pest populations below damaging, threshold levels – these range in degree from simple removal of infected plant parts to application of safe pesticides for targeted control of insects. PLANTZ is certified by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to provide lawn and landscape pest control services.

• Nutrition – Targeted application of plant nutrients has become more challenging with several governmental jurisdictions imposing bans on fertilizers containing nitrogen during certain periods. In compliance with the bans, we offer nitrogen fertilizers in early spring, late spring, and mid-fall, each with the appropriate amount of slow-release nitrogen to feed plants and grasses during critical growth seasons. Applications of other minor nutrients are made to supplement the nitrogen feedings. Our landscape technicians are certified by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for successful completion of Florida’s Green Industry Best Management Practices Training Program.
Plantz employee standing by placed sprinkler

Landscaping Tune-Ups

Over time, plants can out-grow their intended use, vines can cover surfaces that were never meant to be covered, turfgrass lines can get distorted, and the scale of a landscape can become unbalanced. Under these circumstances, many times it’s best to scrap some of the old plantings and start fresh. Sometimes, however, the addition of a flower bed or some fresh mulch is all you need to turn your landscape vibrant again. Regardless of the size, PLANTZ will –

Consult with you on your preferences.
Develop a design incorporating your preferences and show them to you in digital images.
Offer a budget.
Execute on the project at agreed-upon pricing.
We can renovate the irrigation system, add new technology to the mix, add landscape lighting, install the plantings, and finish it off with a groomed touch.
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