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Why You Should Consider Plantz Rentals for Your Next Event

Posted on by Steve S

One way to really create a unique experience for guests or clients is through the incorporation of living plants.  By incorporating living plants into an event’s décor, you can create a natural and inviting ambiance that is sure to impress.  At, we specialize in providing high-quality plant rentals for a variety of events, including weddings, corporate functions, and conventions.  

Let’s explore why renting plants for an event may be the right choice for you and how working with will make your event stress free.

What are plant rentals and why are they becoming popular?

Plant rentals involve renting plants for a specific period of time for a specific event.  This trend has increased in popularity in recent years as hosts and  event planners search for unique and eco-friendly ways to add life and atmosphere to their event spaces.  Plant rentals allow clients to choose from a  variety of plants and styles that they feel will suit their event theme and décor, without the hassle and expense of purchasing and caring for their own plants.  Plant rental companies like do it all!  They deliver the plants, install them, provide maintenance services for the span of the event, and remove the plants at the end.  This process makes it easy for clients to enjoy the many benefits of live plants without being responsible for any of the work.  Plant rentals enhance events by adding a sustainable and eco-friendly experience which will reduce environmental impacts.

Plant rentals are enjoying increased popularity not only for their sustainability, but also for a variety of other reasons.  Often times, flowers are chosen over plants for an event.  The problem with flowers is those fragrant blooms are not as long lasting as live plants.  Some people may select plastic plants over live ones.  However, it is truly difficult to replace the overall ambiance of live plants with plastic ones.  Live plants have a natural beauty and texture that is difficult to replicate with no two leaves exactly the same.  Live plants also have a wide variety of health benefits from increasing oxygen, reducing stress levels, and removing toxins from the air.  Opting to use live plants at an event will leave your guests feeling relaxed and ready to mingle.

How can plant rentals liven up an event space?

Plant rentals are a stress-free way to liven up an event space.  They add a natural, organic feel to events, which can soften the look of a space and make it more tranquil.  Plants also come in all shapes and sizes with a variety of colors, so they may be used to add depth or height to event spaces.  Whereas plastic plants lack real texture and personality.  They are also a great way to really define a space by dividing up a room or rooms and creating a focal point.  For example, tall potted plants can be used to create natural backdrops of a wedding ceremony, or small succulents may be used for centerpieces at corporate luncheons.  Different types of plants will help define the theme of an event.  Tropical plants are perfect for beachy vibes or jungle themes.

What are the costs associated with plant rentals?

When planning an event, it’s important to consider all costs associated with décor, including the cost of plant rentals.  While the cost of renting plants can vary widely, there are a few factors that will impact the cost.  The first consideration is the type and quantity of the plants you choose for the event.  Large or more exotic plants will typically cost more to rent than smaller or more commonly used plants.   The number of plants you want to use for your event also has a large impact on cost.  Big events utilizing a large number of plants will see a higher rental cost than smaller events.  Another consideration is the duration of the event.  Plant rental companies may offer different rental packages based on the length of the rental period, sometimes with longer rental periods resulting in lower costs per plant.  Some companies may even offer discounts for extended rental periods or recurring rentals.  A third factor in calculating the cost is the location of the event.  Remote locations or areas with heavy traffic may incur higher delivery charges from plant rental companies.  The cost of the plant rental also depends on the services chosen for the event.  Will you need help setting the plants up and taking them down?  These activities may increase the overall cost.  Finally, season may play a large role in dictating the cost of your plant rental.  Some specific plants may not be readily available at the time of your event.  Locating and delivering out of season plants can quickly drive up the price of the plant rental.  In order to keep costs down and your event affordable, choose plants that are in season.

At, we offer a variety of rental packages to suit different needs.  Our rentals typically include delivery, installation, and removal of the plants, as well as ongoing maintenance to ensure they remain lush throughout the entire event.  We also offer a price match guarantee to ensure our clients get the best value for their money.

What types of plants are available for rent?

Deciding on which plants to rent depends on what you need the plants to do for your event.  Will they be used to divide a room, or are they there to create a pop of color and texture?  Do you need to use them for table decorations?  Here are some options to make your event really standout:

  • Palms:  Palm trees are a great way to add a tropical or beachy feel to an event.  They come in a wide array of styles and sizes, from small potted palms, like the Ponytail Palm, to large palm trees, like the Foxtail Palm, that can be used as a backdrop.  
  • Ferns:  Ferns provide the perfect opportunity to add texture and movement to event décor.  They too come in a variety of sizes and styles, like the Boston Fern.
  • Ficus Trees:  Ficus trees are large, leafy trees that help create a natural, lush feel in event spaces.  They can be used as stand-alone pieces or grouped together to make a big splash.  One very popular Ficus tree is the Fiddle Leaf Fig.  These trees are statement pieces and will catch the eye of all of your event guests.
  • Orchids:  Orchids are beautiful plants with a vast array of colorful flower options.  They add a touch of elegance to every event and can be used as either standalone pieces or incorporated into other arrangements.
  • Tropical Colors:  Plants like the Croton, Bromeliad, Congo Rojo, or Imperial Red will add more than just a pop of green to your event.  The Croton will deliver an intense splash of color to your event.  Bromeliads are beautiful tropical plants that come in a wide variety of colors, perfect for any event.  The Congo Rojo is a type of philodendron with large leaves that start out red and turn into a burgundy-green as they mature.  The Imperial Red is another philodendron with large, lush leaves that have just a hint of red to them. offers a wide range of plants that may be rented for events, with options that will suit any style or theme.  Event planners can work with the Plantz team to create a custom rental package that meets their needs and budget, ensuring a unique and momentous experience.

What are some tips for installing and caring for rented plants?

Renting plants for weddings, parties and corporate events is a great way to add natural beauty and a splash of color to any space.  However, it is vital that the plants are installed and cared for properly to ensure their health and longevity throughout the duration of the event.  First, make sure you plan ahead.  Work with the rental company to make sure the plants are placed in the correct space.  Planning this ahead of time will ensure the plants will be installed quickly and efficiently without causing any delays.  Next, make sure the plants are watered regularly.  Water is crucial to the survival of plants.  Without it, they will turn color and droop.  Keep in mind that no two plants are the same.  Each type will have different watering requirements.  Consult with the rental company for specific guidance.  Plants also need adequate lighting.  While some plants may thrive in low light conditions, they do require access to some light.  Make sure the placement of your rented plants matches well with the lighting conditions of the rental space.  For tropical plants, temperature and humidity are important in maintaining their health and beauty.  These plants will not thrive in a cold, dry environment.  Finally, make sure that workers and guests keep the plants clean and free of debris.  Debris can damage the plants, sometimes beyond their ability to heal.  

Following these tips, event planners can ensure that the rented plants are installed and cared for properly, maintaining their charm and beauty for the duration of the rental.  At, we provide detailed care instructions for each plant rental and offer ongoing maintenance services to ensure that the plants you receive remain healthy and beautiful.

Renting plants for events is a trend that is here to stay.  With the many benefits of including plants in your event décor, it’s easy to see why event planners are turning to live plants as a way to create unique and memorable experiences.  Whether you are planning a wedding, party, corporate function, or convention, has the expertise and resources to provide high-quality, lush plant rentals that will elevate your event to the next level.  Contact us today to see how live plants will enhance your event! 


1. What types of events are suitable for plant rentals?  Plant rentals are a great addition to any type of event, including, weddings, parties, corporate events, conventions, and trade shows.

2. How do I choose the right plants for my event?  The representatives from will help you choose the right plants to enhance your event based on the type of event, size of the space and overall aesthetic you are looking to exhibit.

3.  Can I customize my plant rental order?  Yes, many plant rental companies offer customization options such as plant type, planter style, and plant arrangement.

4. How long can I rent plants for?  Rental periods can vary depending on the plant rental company and the specific event.  Some companies will offer short-term rentals that span for a few days and others will offer rentals for weeks or months.

5. What if I don’t have a green thumb and can’t care for the rental plants?  Plant rental companies can provide guidance and support for caring for the rental plants, including watering instructions, light requirements and specialized tips for specific types of plants.

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